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Carpet Cleaning

Do you plan to thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs? Are you in search of an awesomely amazing and perfect carpet cleaning service? It is obvious that clean carpets and rugs are pleasing to the eyes and healthier than poorly maintained carpets.

When it comes to the comfort at your home, nothing feels as appealing and as warm as the carpeting under your feet. Although they add beauty and comfort to your home, all the walking around and rolling on can gradually damage and create negative impacts on it. Make sure they continue to look and feel great with regular and thorough cleaning from the experts at Carpet & Cleaning Services.

What do you gain from our perfect cleaning service?

Unlike your regular local cleaning, we at Carpet & Cleaning Services have trained technicians that know exactly the work to be done and how to remove stains, soil and spots without leaving behind any sticky residue or over-wetting the carpets.

Our professional carpet cleaning services entails:

Eliminate dust, mites, allergens and trapped-in soil
Reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, diseases and mold
Remove stains and spots already present*
Restore natural, clean appearance and texture
Extend the life of the carpets up to several years

Carpet & Cleaning Services uses exclusive technology and equipment that loosens embedded dirt, to provide entire restoration and eliminates over-sprays, allowing fast drying.

Our 5 step cleaning process are

Mechanical agitation with CRB machine
Hot water extraction with powerful truckmount equipment
*Removal of stains or spots is not guaranteed.

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The Mytee T-Rex Rotary Extractor used for restoration

The Mytee Bentley Swivel Wand

Hydramaster Drimaster

This amazing tool is great for cleaning upholstery, mattress, chairs. It eliminates overspray and dries faster.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery furniture like sofas, loveseats, armchairs, etc require regular cleaning services. Let us make them 100% clean and hygienic with our upholstery cleaning service. Furniture works and sofas are made to add amazing colors and warmth to a home, but a lot of irregularities can lessen and diminish that peaceful atmosphere. These irregularities include allergies and dirt that can contribute to respiratory problems.

Carpet & Cleaning Services offers a better and more permanent answer to all of your questions and solutions to your cleaning headaches with thorough cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning service fights stains and gets rid of germs through a refreshing service. A clean sofa is important both for the appearance of your home and the health of the people who live in it. Opt for our services for exquisite results. Furniture will not only look it's best, but we strive to keep them neater for longer. We also apply deodorizer to neutralize odors giving you fresh, clean and amazing furniture. Carpet & Cleaning Services uses exclusive technology and equipment when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Our DriMaster upholstery tool will eliminates overspray and upholstery will dry quickly.

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